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South China Botanical Gardens map

South China Botanical Gardens map

If you’re like me, you will always forget something when going on a trip. Here are some resources that will hopefully help you remember what to take.


U.S. Passport Checklist

China Visa Checklist

What you should Carry on the plane.

Make your room more like home

Teaching supplies that make a difference.



All forms are in a PDF format.

General Tax questions

Seven tax questions about living abroad

IRS 2555-EZ. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

IRS 2555-EZ Instructions

IRS foreign housing deduction

IRS 1044 Foreign Income Tax

Guide to Foreign Tax Credit

IRS 1116 Foreign Tax Credit

IRS 1116 Foreign Tax Credit Instructions 



All forms are in a PDF format.

U.S. Passport PDF form complete with instructions.

China Visa Application (V.2011A)  instructions are written in both English and Chinese.

China Visa Application (V.2011A) Instructions.

China Visa Supplementary (V2011B)  Additional information needed, depending on the type of Visa.

China Visa Application (V.2011B) Instructions.

Authentications or Notarization (G1). Use this form if China request a Notarization.

Hong Kong Visa Application

Hong Kong Visa Application (Sponsor). Use this form if you have someone is sponsoring you.

China Foreigner Physical Examination. Good for 6 months for both the X(student) and the Z(work) Visa applicants.


Get your Certification

i-to-i Travel


Job Board Links

ESL Jobs world

ESL Cafe

ESL Jobs in China


China Job

Teach Away 

China ESL

ESL Weekly offers a variety of resources including a section for freelance teachers.


Miscellaneous Information

China Embassy Newsletters

Beware of Scams

Protect Yourself Online

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