Nancy Gaskins Author Universe

Last week I was fortunate to be a guest on Nancy Gaskins Author Universe talk show. Before we agreed to go a little longer at her request. I didn’t realize that it would be over 25-minutes. While it was my first radio interview, I thought the questions were well placed and we stayed on track.

Before the show, I was a little nervous, but once it started the nerves melted away. It was just like I was doing table topics in Toastmaster’s again, except that I had a little more time to answer the questions.

Some of the topics covered were why I went to China, the requirements for being an English teacher there, some of my travels, and why I wrote the book. While we did cover a lot of ground, I missed a couple of important points that I wanted to make.

Please take the time to listen to the Interview and let me know what you think.

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