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Robert Rumble Robert teaching English as a second language (ESL)


Qin Dynasty costume Robert wearing a silk costume of the Chinese Emperor attire from the Qin Dynasty.


Robert, Qin and Kabo the dog in a Tianjin newspaper article.
Robert, Qin and Kabo the dog in a Tianjin newspaper article.

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Robert Rumble taught English as a second language at private and public schools in China, before owning an English school in Tianjin.

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Robert spent over three years in China working for private schools like WITTY and guest teaching at public schools like XinXua middle school. He opened American English Education Center after just a few months, teaching students from 5 to 35 years of age in verbal English.

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During Robert’s stay in China, he worked for private schools that taught English, like WITTY and BEC. He also helped a new company win the contract with several local schools by demonstrating the advantages of having a native English teacher teach English. A few months later Robert and his ex-wife Qin started American English Education Center (AEEC). She got the students to the school, and Robert taught them verbal English.  To promote the school Robert did presentations at local public schools and universities around Tianjin including top ranking Nankai University and Tianjin University.

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Robert used to have a dream about strolling down rows of tall cornstalks that went on forever, before coming to a stream with a grassy knoll on the other side.  He found out that it was not a dream but a memory of when he was three years old, and the stream was several acres of corn behind their house in Nebraska. One day when he was five they went to a California beach when he was finished playing in the ocean and couldn’t see his mom, so he went to the car and took a nap. She was frantic when she awoke and couldn’t find him, the lifeguards asked her if she check the car? “He’s five, he won’t know where the car is,” she told them. It was them calling my name over the loudspeakers that woke me, about the time she did check the car.

Then in high school Robert told his mom that he was going to Alaska. Along the way he stopped, got married, earned an Associate Degree in Science at Columbia Basin College in Washington. Became a certified Black Jack, Craps, and Roulette dealer before working at a major casino in Reno. It wasn’t long before he left that job and headed off to Alaska, again.

After their divorce in Alaska, he got a job at an inventory company that paid him to travel around the state, including sending him small villages around Anchorage and even north of the Arctic Circle. Robert was in paradise, hiking or backpacking four or five times a month, sometimes finding little-known trails or skirting across glaciers. A couple of his favorite trips was four days hiking the Chilkoot trail (yes, the same one from, Call of the Wild by Jack London), and the weekend at the Kennecott lodge. While there he continued his education at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, studying computer science before switching to marketing and management, which landed him a job as the Internet sales representative at a local radio station. However, it was getting time to move on and off he went.

Robert moved to South Lake Tahoe, where he broke his usual routine and worked for the same company the entire time that he lived there. He gave some presentations on his adventures around Alaska and wrote an essay for “Finding Life’s Passion”, which was a best seller. About the same time, he became a Toastmaster, winning several awards before holding the position of President and Area Governor. He was instrumental in getting the club a free site for Toastmasters clubs. The Regional Governor invited him to do several hands-on training seminars and speak at one of the training sessions at the regional conference. He was already considering his next move when he met a Chinese lady on a social networking site. They started chatting and one day she asked if he had ever considered teaching English in a foreign country.  Robert took the time to put his resume on the site and didn’t bother to check it for about a week.  When next he checked the site, there were no less than a half-dozen job offers for him to teach English in China.

Within six months, Robert quite his job and was living in Tianjin, China with his new Chinese wife, Qin. Before he started teaching, they went on a seven-day tour starting in Nanjing and ending in Shanghai. Robert does not speak Chinese and he was the only non-Chinese on the tour, but he will tell you that was one of the best trips they took. Over the course of the next three-plus years, they went on many trips all over the Eastern part of China. After working for several schools that specialized in English Robert and Qin started their own English school, American English Education Center in downtown Tianjin.  Robert was frequently a guest speaker at the local public schools including top ranking Xinhua middle school. He also spoke many universities in Tianjin including the prestigious Nankai University, and Tianjin Foreign Studies University to name a few. During the early months of their new school, the local television station, CCTV Tianjin featured Robert in an exclusive segment about Chinese learning English for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

After just over three years, she wanted to move to states. We sold the school and moved to the states dog and all.



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